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The Emily Dickinson Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday, 11 am to 4 pm. Find out more about visiting here.

Archaeology at the Emily Dickinson Museum

Join us Sunday, October 2, at 10 am, when faculty and members of the University of Massachusetts Amherst archaeological field school present findings from their work on the grounds of the Emily Dickinson Museum in spring 2016. DETAILS>>

Studio sessions in Emily Dickinson's bedroom

Have you ever wanted to experience what it feels like to write in Emily Dickinson's bedroom, the creative space where she wrote nearly all of her poetry? The Museum is now offering studio sessions for one or two participants at a time to turn Dickinson's room into their own for one or two hour sessions. DETAILS>>

The Poet and The Bard

At a young age Emily Dickinson began a lifelong relationship with the works of William Shakespeare, and his poetry and plays were among the most important traceable influences on her own writing. In this tour visitors will learn more about the connections between two of the world's most creative minds. DETAILS>>

 The Emily Dickinson Museum

The Emily Dickinson Museum includes The Homestead, where poet Emily Dickinson was born and lived most of her life, and The Evergreens, home of the poet’s brother and his family. The two houses share three acres of the original Dickinson property in the center of Amherst, Massachusetts. The Museum is dedicated to educating diverse audiences about the poet's life, family, creative work, times, and enduring relevance, and to preserving and interpreting the Homestead and The Evergreens as historical resources for public and academic enrichment.

Digital Dickinson

Emily Dickinson's manuscripts--housed in several academic repositories--are available for viewing on-line!  Check out the Digital and Electronic Research Resources on the Museum's "Resources and Bibliography" page for the latest links! Our Ten Year Anniversary Report is also available, highlighting the Museum's history, programs, exhibitions, restoration work, and near-term plans.


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