Replenishing the Shelves: Books Acquired

The following volumes have been acquired to re-create the Dickinson family libraries through generous contributions of financial gifts and rare volumes by many donors.

Beecher, Henry Ward. Star Papers: Experiences of Art and Nature. New York: Derby, 1855.

Beecher, Henry Ward . Life of Jesus the Christ. New York: Ford, 1871.

Beecher, Lyman. A Plea for the West. . . . Cincinnati: Truman & Smith; New York: Leavitt, Lord & Co., 1835.

Bowles, Samuel. Across the Continent, A Summer’s Journey to the Rocky Mountains, the Mormons, and the Pacific States with Speaker Colfax. Springfield, Mass.: Samuel Bowles & Company; New York: Hurd & Houghton, 1865. Gift of Walter L. Powell.

Bridgman, Thomas, compiler. Inscriptions on the grave stones . . . of Northampton. Northampton: Hopkins, Bridgman & Co., 1850. Gift of Elizabeth Longsworth in honor of Polly Longsworth.

Brontë, Anne. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall . . ., by Acton Bell [pseud.]. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1858.

Brontë Charlotte. The Professor, A Tale, by Currer Bell [pseud.]. New York: Harper and Brothers Publishers, 1857.

Brontë, Charlotte . Villette, by Currer Bell.  [pseud.]. New York: Harper Brothers, 1853. Gift of Polly Longsworth. (This copy was Sue’s, given her by Rev. Bartlett. The edition owned by Emily Dickinson is still being sought.)

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett. Aurora Leigh. New York; Boston: C.S. Francis & Co., 1857.

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett. The Poems of . . . . New York: C.S. Francis & Co., 1852.

Browning, Robert. The Ring and the Book. Boston: Fields, Osgood, 1869. 2 volumes.

Cowper, William. Poems. Philadelphia: Kite, 1809.  2 volumes.

Cyclopedia of English Literature, in two volumes. Boston: Gould, Kendall & Lincoln, 1847.

de Quincey, Thomas. Autobiographic Sketches. . . . Boston: Ticknor, Reed, and Fields, 1853.

de Quincey, Thomas. Confessions of an English Opium-Eater. . . . Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1855.

de Quincey, Thomas. Essays on the Poets and other English Writers. Boston: Ticknor, Reed, and Fields, 1853.

Eliot, George [pseud.]. Adam Bede. New York: Harper, 1860. Gift of Colleen D. Mewing.

Eliot, George. The Mill on the Floss. New York: Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1860.

Eliot, George. Scenes of Clerical Life…. Leipzig: B. Tauchnitz, 1859. Gift of Colleen D. Mewing.

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The House of the Seven Gables, A Romance. Boston: Ticknor, Reed, and Fields, 1851. Gift of Ann and Robert Kline.

Hawthorne, Nathaniel. The Marble Faun. Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1860. 2 volumes.

Herbert, George. The Poetical Works. . . . New York: Appleton, 1857.

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. Malbone: An Oldport Romance. Boston: Fields, Osgood, & Co. Gift of Walter L. Powell.

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. Outdoor Papers. Boston: Ticknor & Fields, 1863.

Historical Review One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of The First Church in Amherst, 1739-1889. Amherst: Press of the Amherst Record, 1890.

Hitchcock, Edward. Reminiscences of Amherst College. . . . Northampton: Bridgman & Childs, 1863. Gift of Susan Henry in honor of Walter L. Powell.

Holland, Josiah G. Bitter-sweet. A Poem. New York: Charles Scribner, 1859. Gift of Jeffrey Green.

Holland, Josiah G. Gold-foil. . ., by Timothy Titcomb [pseud.]. New York: C. Scribner, 1859. Gift of Walter L. Powell.

Holland, Josiah G. Kathrina: Her Life and Mine, in a Poem. New York: C. Scribner & Co., 1867. Gift of Jeffrey Green.

Irving, Washington. Sketch Book of Geoffrey Crayon. New York: G.P. Putnam, 1860. Gift of Bibliophiles of Oklahoma.

Jackson, Helen Hunt.  Bits of Travel at Home, by H.H. Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1878.

Kane, Elisha Kent. Arctic Explorations. Philadelphia: Childs and Peterson, 1857. 2 volumes.

à Kempis, Thomas. Of the Imitation of Christ: Four Books. London: Oxford, 1857.

Kotzwara. "The Celebrated Battle of Prague," music for piano forte. New York: Gould & Berry; Boston: C.C. Clapp & Co., n.d. Gift of Barton L. St. Armand.

Lee, Eliza Buckminster. The Life of Jean Paul Frederic Richter.... New York: D. Appleton & Company; Philadelphia: G. S. Appleton, 1850. Gift of Polly Longsworth.

Marvel, Ik [Donald Grant Mitchell]. Dream Life: A Fable of the Seasons. New York: Charles Scribner, 1851.

Marvel, Ik [Donald Grant Mitchell]. Reveries of a Bachelor. Philadelphia: Henry Altemus, 1850. Gift of Polly Longsworth.

The New England Primer….improved. Worcester: S.A. Howland, 183(?). Gift of Barton L. St. Armand.

Sabbath Hymn Book . . . Introduction by Edwards Amasa Parke. New York: Mason Brothers, 1858.

Stearns, William Augustus. Adjutant Stearns. Boston: Massachusetts Sabbath School Society, c1862.  Gift of Jack Capps.

Smith, Alexander. Poems. Boston: Ticknor, Reed and Fields, 1853. Gift of Merry L. Gordon

Stowe, Harriet Beecher. Uncle Tom’s Cabin . . . twenty-fifth thousand edition. Boston: J. P. Jewett; Cleveland: Jewett, Proctor & Worthington, 1852. 2 volumes.

Tennyson, Alfred. In Memoriam. Boston: Ticknor, Reed, and Fields, 1850.

Tennyson, Alfred. Enoch Arden. London: Edward Moxon & Company, 1864. Anonymous gift.

Thomson, James. The Seasons: with the Castle of Indolence. New York: W.B. Gilley, 1819. Gift of Ann and Robert Kline.

Trelawny, Edward John. Recollections of the Last Days of Shelley and Byron.  Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1859. Gift of Polly Longsworth.

Tyler, W.S. History of Amherst College during its first half century, 1821-1871. Springfield, Mass.: Clark W. Bryan and Company, 1873.

Vaux, Calvert. Villas and Cottages. A series of designs prepared for execution in the United States. New York: Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1864.

Wisner, Benjamin B. Memoirs of the Late Mrs. Susan Huntington of Boston, Mass.  Boston: Crocker and Brewster, 1826. Gift of Barton L. St. Armand.

Young, Edward. The Complaint; or, Night Thoughts. Philadelphia: Uriah Hunt and Son, 1845.

The Young Husband’s Book; A manual of the duties, moral, religious, and domestic, imposed by the relations of married life. Philadelphia: Carey, Lea & Blanchard, 1836.

U.S. 32d Congress, 2nd Session, 1852-1853. Obituary Addresses . . . on the occasion of the Death of the Hon. Daniel Webster. . . . Washington, D.C.: Robert Armstrong, 1853.

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