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22nd Massachusetts

Saturday, April 28, 2012
The Encampment of the 22nd Massachusetts: 
A  Living History Day with a Civil War Regiment

Time:  11 am-4 pm
Location: Emily Dickinson Museum
Fee:  No

The Emily Dickinson Museum is delighted to welcome the 22nd Massachusetts to Amherst for a day of learning, commemoration, and fun. The original 22nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry served in the tumult of the American Civil War with distinction and honor, participating in some of the most titanic clashes of the conflict, including the Seven Days, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg and the Wilderness. Of the 1100 men to leave their homes across the state, only 125 returned home at the end of their term of service.

The members of the 22nd Massachusetts are a progressively-minded living history group dedicated to a faithful portrayal of the common Union infantryman, with a specialty in representing the soldiers of the 22nd Massachusetts, Company D-- the "Everett Guard." The regiment’s civilian component specializes in portraying the United States Sanitary Commission. The 22nd Massachusetts membership hails from across the state, with members ranging from the South Shore to the Berkshire foothills of Western Massachusetts. The group annually participates in multiple living history presentations, battle reenactments and parades.

During the encampment at the Emily Dickinson Museum, members of the re-enactment regiment will set up camp on the Museum grounds and will discuss life on the front. The regiment will demonstrate a military drill, perform songs from the period, read poetry, and introduce visitors to a popular ball-and-bat game. Children will also have a chance to learn about army life first-hand by "mustering in," or assuming the identity of a Civil War soldier.


11:00- 11:30 Military Drill
The 22nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry will go through the manual of arms and some rudimentary maneuvers of the line . While the Sergeant leads the troops through the drill, Captain Browne speaks to the spectators, explaining the whys and wherefores of drill.

12:00-12:30  Music of the Late Unpleasantness
Led by Jen Eastman-Lawrence, this set of vocal pieces will highlight the popular mood and sentiment of the antebellum, war-time, and post-war periods.

1:00-1:30  Stearns, Smith Clark, and the 21st MVI
A talk by 22nd MVI Captain and Executive Director of the Duxbury Historical Society Patrick Browne on Frazar Stearns, William Smith Clark and the 21st Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry.

2:00-2:30  Civil War in Verse
A series of recitations of poetry both published and unpublished, originating from those who experienced the war in the field or at home, led by Jeff Lawrence.

3:00-3:30  The Grand Old Game
A talk about the roots of modern baseball in the Civil War, to include the conflict between “The Massachusetts Game” and “The Knickerbocker Game.” Pending sufficient participants, a small demo may be performed.

Throughout the day:
: The members of the 22nd MVI will drill throughout the day intermittently to allow spectators who did not witness the 11 am program to see a drill.

Living History Displays: The 22nd MVI will set up a small company street (tents and other accoutrements the men of the original 22nd MVI had with them on the march).

Kids’ Muster: A member of the 22nd MVI will be detailed to “muster in” kids who would like to learn about army life first-hand. They will each receive a mustering-in document, borrow a (dummy) musket and be put through drill by the recruiting officer.

Visit the Homestead and The Evergreens

During the encampment, the Emily Dickinson Museum will host an Open House at the Homestead and The Evergreens from 11 am to 4 pm.  Visitors can enjoy self-guided tours throughout the day.

Admission fee for the Open House:  $5 for adults, seniors, students; free to young people17 and under.

Directions and Parking

For information on how to get to the Emily Dickinson Museum, click here.  In addition to the parking suggestions on that link, visitors to the Civil War program may also park in the Amherst College Alumni Lot on Spring Street.