2013 Programs

Hutchinson Family music
courtesy of Red Skies Music Ensemble and the New York Public Library

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Musical Parlor of Emily Dickinson
A talk and performance with George Boziwick and the Red Skies Music Ensemble

Time:  3 pm
Location:  First Congregational Church, 165 Main Street, Amherst

Reception follows

Fee:  Adults $10; Members $8; Children free

"The Musical Parlor of Emily Dickinson" recreates the setting of music-making in the Dickinson home.  A selection of popular ballads, minstrel tunes and Irish dance music from Emily’s own music book illustrates in performance, pictures and commentary, how the Dickinsons collected, listened to and performed the music of their time. Both Emily and her sister collected sheet music and engaged in musical activities that document a palpable interaction of enduring and influential social, political and creative exchanges between the Dickinson family and their local community, as well as the family's staff of Irish maids, groundskeepers and stablemen.

Founded by George Boziwick and Trudy Williams, the Red Skies Music Ensemble combines music and scholarship, making archives and special collections come alive through research and performance. George Boziwick is Chief of the Music Division of The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center.  He is also a composer and a lifelong harmonica player. Trudy Williams plays bass in folk and blues bands in concerts, festivals, contra dances and children’s musical theater.

"George Boziwick and The Red Skies Music Ensemble have created a captivating experience of Emily Dickinson’s everyday musical world. Their evidence and musical selections reveal the young poet as an accomplished pianist attentive not just to hymnody and the classical repertoire, but also to ballads, marches, jigs, and political tunes – in fact, the whole of 19th-century popular music.” Jane Wald, Executive Director, Emily Dickinson Museum.