Toad and Snake, Mushrooms and Bats: A Halloween Walk and Evergreens Tarot Readings

Friday, October 28 at 7 pm and 8 pm 

Kick off the spookiest weekend of the year at the Emily Dickinson Museum with our Halloween walk and tarot readings from the Emily Dickinson tarot deck. "Bird songs, crickets, frost, and winter winds, even the toad and snake, mushrooms and bats, have an indescribable charm for her, which she in turn brings to us," wrote Mabel Loomis Todd of Emily Dickinson in her introduction to The Letters of Emily Dickinson, 1894. Spend an evening in celebration of such indescribable charms and all things otherworldly!

While you wait for your tarot reading, roam the dark grounds of the Emily Dickinson Museum on a guided walking tour by lantern light.  Along the way we'll explore some of the darker aspects of the natural world and human nature represented in Dickinson poetry, family history, and books in the Dickinson library. Tarot readings, conducted by poet and tarot deck contributer Halie Theoharidies and friends, will be held in the 19th century rooms of The Evergreens. In its shadowed corners, hear messages about your past and your future as filtered through the tarot deck based on Dickinson's writings.

Tickets are $13 per person, $7 for Museum members
NEW student price! $7 

Reserve your ticket here - Currently accepting names for WAITLIST ONLY! (updated 10/28 at 12pm)