Studio Sessions request

Thank you for your interest in 'a mighty room': Studio Sessions in Emily Dickinson's Bedroom.

Registration is required and payment is due in advance of studio sessions. Sessions are scheduled Wednesday-Friday mornings and early evenings at the discretion of the Museum.  Due to the popularity of this program and the limited number of sessions available, we recommend requesting your reservation at least one month in advance of your preffered date. Please complete this form and a representative from the Museum will be in touch as soon as possible.

You are welcome to reserve a studio session as a gift, but due to limited availability and difficulty in rescheduling, we ask that you choose a preferred date in advance. Gift certificates are not available.

Reservations for January through March are currently open.

Fees: Half your ticket price is tax-deductible and directly supports the Museum's programs and operations.

Non-member Pricing: 
1 person for one hour: $200
1 person for 2 hours: $300
2 people for 1 hour: $300
2 people for 2 hours: $450
Emily Dickinson Museum Member Pricing:
1 person for one hour: $150
1 person for two hours: $250
2 people for 1 hour: $250
2 people for 2 hours: $400

If sharing a session. No more than two participants at a time are allowed.

Studio Sessions are scheduled for Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays between 9AM-11AM and 4PM-6PM. We are currently accepting reservations from October through December. Please note: Number of appointments per month is limited and appointments are scheduled at the discretion of Museum staff.

Please see fees for difference in pricing.