Emily Dickinson's white dress on a stand in her bedroom

‘a mighty room’: Studio Sessions in Emily Dickinson’s Bedroom

woodcut showing a bird and a picnic basket and the words I should love to pass an hour with you - Emily

Sweet hours have perished here;

This is a mighty room;

Within its precincts hopes have played, —

Now shadows in the tomb.  



Spend a “sweet hour” in Emily Dickinson’s creative space where she penned her startling poetry. Whether you are a writer, an artist, a composer, or a poet, you’ll find solace and inspiration for your artistic output in Emily Dickinson’s bedroom. Let this quiet experience jumpstart your next creative journey.

Participants may spend up to two hours in the bedroom. A small table and chair will be provided. Participants will experience the atmosphere of Dickinson’s corner bedroom, and enjoy the view from the poet’s windows.  

Program Guidelines:

  • Payment is due in advance of studio sessions.
  •  Upon arrival, a photocopy of your license or passport will be made. The copy will be destroyed following your session.
  • Participants must remain in the designated area of the historic room. Participants may not touch the historic furnishings in the bedroom.
  • Bags, food, and beverage must be left outside the room.
  • No pens, inks, or paints permitted. Pencil and paper or laptop only. Other materials must be approved.
  • Photography permissions must be arranged through the Museum. Permission is for non-commercial, personal use, and not for public distribution.
  • Door to bedroom will remain open, and staff will be present outside the room at all times.
  • Sessions will not be rescheduled or refunded after booking except in the case of an emergency. Refunding and rescheduling are at the discretion of the Emily Dickinson Museum.

Registration is now available for Spring and Summer 2019

Please direct questions to EDMPrograms@emilydickinsonmuseum.org.

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