Postcard of oil on canvas depicting seaside, William Merritt Chase

the reason I love to write

Postcard verso:

I was captivated by Emily
Dickinson’s incredible, boiling passion
which spun her poems,
and consumed her life.
I hope to become a published
writer and Dickinson’s passion
inspires me to never lose
sight of the reason I love
to write.

Postcard of the Van Wickle Gates of Brown University

the Bee and the Clover

Postcard verso:

Dear Emily —
          It is a surreal thing, sending
a card to your home. I in this
season of curdled cloud and leaves
falling away I am reminded of your
words: “Ashes denote that fire was —
               Revere the greyest pile
               For the departed creature’s sake
               That hovered there awhile —”
Thank you for the Bee and the Clover, which
I will preserve in anticipation of Spring.
With Love from Providence —
                                   Joshua Rex

Color postcard with illustration of girl with bird

blue cheeks

*content warning: suicide*

Postcard face:

i got a bird
when i was

i          named

Postcard verso:

Dear Emily,
     Your poem
Hope is the thing
with feathers
is the last
thing I wrote to
my daughter in a
letter before she
died by suicide 
at the age of 30
in March 2017.

Here she is at age 7 with her
And still I never lose hope.
                           <3  Amy

Color postcard/chocolate wrapper

Of course I received your Letter

Postcard (chocolate wrapper) verso:

Dear Emily,
Of course I received your Letter —
It Outright changed my Life,
And now I cannot imagine —
A Day without your Song.
I’ve been to your Homestead to find (see) you —
In Spring, Summer, and Fall —
Each Sojourn — you were missing!
But I sensed you in the Hall,
Spring in your Garden — a robin —
Welcomed me in Red Cravat —
He seemed to expect a token —
I was prepared for that!
In Summer there was a blatant flood —
with water everywhere,
But the ground smelled of heliotrope —
And it was Eden there.
When I visited in Autumn —
Amherst glowed on fire —
It was just so damn lovely
I felt the need to Die.
I would love to come in Winter —
on a Velvet December day —
to properly Recognize you —
And ‘Happy Birthday’ say.

                                                Your Very Aff,
                                                       M. Owens

Color postcard with collage

I listen from behind the door

Postcard verso:

for E.
     I listen
     from behind the door
     a shadow in the hall
     My head
     hangs towards the floor
     covered in a shawl

     No one
     sees me any more
     can’t see the looks and stares
     My heart
     chambers one through four
     struggle in their snares

     From here
     in my cloistered keep
     I write a poem a day
     But words
     with the pains they reap
     don’t keep the world away.

                                 <3 Ali

Color postcard of Paris, balcony, and birds

Eternal — Emily

Postcard verso:

         Dear Emily,
You fill the Space —
Between Earth and Moon —
Eternal Emptiness —
Between You and Me —
Warmed by the Sun —
Eternal — Emily —

     Thassadite DiRAMi
              from FRANCE to Amherst.

December the 10th (2019)                          #PostcardstoEmily

Color postcard of watercolor landscape

Poem #449

Postcard verso:

Nov. 3, 2019

Emily Dickinson’s
opening line of
Poem #449, “That
it will never come again is what
makes life so sweet.” has helped
me cope with the unexpected 
passing of my husband this
summer — Lisa Zimmermann

Color postcard of painted Isles of Shoals, Maine

little time outside

Postcard verso:

We have learned about Emily Dickinson
in our English class, and your story
is very inspiring. It is impressive that
someone so young who spent such
little time outside is
able to inspire and
influence generations of
writers for years and
years after. Thank you!

Color postcard with statue of Eleonora d' Arborea

company in this Great Absence

Postcard verso:

Dear Emily, I hope you’re
sitting with your father – and
Mine, in the same House. Your
Poetry was one of His gifts…
and I loved it immediately!
Your words are a sweet
company in this Great Absence.

     With love, from Sardinia.


Postcard with pink and blue watercolor paint

a conversation with Vincent Van Gogh

Postcard verso:

Dear Emily,
     I believe you are still around,
in some form. I’ve heard your
voice. You have been quite an
inspiration! I like to imagine
you having a conversation
with Vincent Van Gogh about
posthumous fame.
     When I visit Japan next
March I will be taking a small
book of your poems with me.
                           I think you will
like Japan. With admiration, Carol Rosenfeld