Postcard with handwritten excerpt of a poem

she filled her room with poems

Postcard front:

I know a thing or two about Emily
the poet who hand-bound botany books
in her free time.
Someone once told me
she filled her room with poems
including piling them under the floor boards.
I see the drawer I have filled
and wonder
If I need her solitude
to write as much as she.

She is the lover
to many poets like me
I could not tell you what makes our affair
any different.
But I could tell you I called her
my only teacher,
refused to read verses by any other,
kept a list of all the ways
I could be just like her.

-Georganna Poindexter
“A letter to Emily” excerpt

Postcard verso:

Dearest Emily,

     Happy birthday!
Thank you for all you
brought to the world
and for inspiring more
than you would ever
imagine –

     Love from
              Westchester, NY!

Postcard with collaged text and black ink illustration of children

the sacredness of solitude

Postcard verso:

Dearest Emily,

You are the reason I became a poet. I too,
have Ménière’s disease and migraines, and can’t stand
patterns…hence, I get the white dress. I too, treasure
the sacredness of solitude. I’ve memorized poems;
the first “I HAD A GUINEA GOLDEN.”

I want say, you can love a woman openly
w/ your words and body.

I wish I could be there for the celebration;
I’ll make to Amherst soon.
Perhaps this spring. We can write
by candlelight and you can teach me
to bake ginger cake.

Happiest of Birthdays!
With Love,
Ava C. Cipri

Color postcard depicting natural and domestic scenes.

a gift to the world

Postcard verso:

Greetings from:
• Southern VermoNT
• my internal
Life, world

Thank you, Emily
your birth was
a gift to the
world. I’ve sent this
on my own birthday,
                        EileeN Parks