An image of Emily is collaged with music, text, a landscape of pine trees and gold edging to form wings behind her

My Emily Dickinson: A Story Collecting Project, 2020

An image of Emily is collaged with music, text, a landscape of pine trees and gold edging to form wings behind her

Art by Nuala O’Connor, inspired by poem F510, ‘Upholsterer of the Pines – is He –’

In honor of Emily Dickinson’s 190th birthday, the Museum is collecting your stories! This project seeks to document the many Emily Dickinsons that exist in the hearts of contemporary readers. So many of us feel a deep connection to Dickinson’s life, her poetry, or to both. For some, we read her work as young students in school and become curious about the woman who lowered gingerbread from her window; others of do not find Dickinson until we are older and her poetry’s themes of loss and hope begin to resonate profoundly; still others find that Dickinson’s wit and fierce individuality is a touchstone. Whoever Emily Dickinson is to you, we want to hear about it! A handful of participant video’s will be selected for screening during the virtual Dickinson Birthday Celebration on December 10th. All submissions that follow the project instructions will be included in the project gallery webpage and on view to the public at 

Story collecting will continue until December 31, 2020, but only stories submitted by December 3 will be considered for inclusion in the Museum’s birthday celebration.


Instructions for submissions:

  • Participants should choose one prompt to respond to from the list below. Make a digital recording of yourself responding to that prompt and telling the story of your Emily Dickinson. Recordings must not exceed 3-minutes in length. Recordings may be video or audio only, but preference will be given to video stories for sharing during the Birthday Celebration.
  • Please begin your recording my saying “My name is [FIRST NAME] and I am coming to you from [CITY, STATE, AND/OR COUNTRY]….”
  • Prompts: (Please choose one) 
    • I first met Emily Dickinson when…
    • I had a weird Emily Dickinson encounter…
    • I associate Emily Dickinson with…
    • To me, Emily Dickinson is…
  • By submitting this file, you grant the Emily Dickinson Museum permission to share this video publicly. 
  • Save your file with your name in the title.
    • Video files should be in one of the following preferred formats: MOV, MP4, WMV, FLV
    • Audio-only recordings may be sent in any preferred digital format
  • Visit our collecting drive to upload your file safely and securely. CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD.
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