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“Forgive me, for I never visit”

As Dickinson became more reclusive in her early thirties, her visits to The Evergreens slowed. In a letter believed to have been written in 1858, she sends her regrets to “Susie”, politely declining a social invitation: “Susie – You will forgive me, for I never visit. I am from the fields, you know, and while quite at home with the Dandelion, make but a sorry figure in a Drawing – room – Did you ask me out with a bunch of Daisies, I should thank you, and accept – but with Roses – “Lilies” – “Solomon” himself – suffers much embarrassment! Do not mind me Susie – If I do not come with my feet, in my heart I come – talk the most, and laugh the longest – stay when all the rest have gone -”

Correspondence from Emily Dickinson to Susan Phelps, Box 1, Folder 70, Emily Dickinson Collection, Amherst College Archives & Special Collections.

Courtesy of Archives and Special Collections, Amherst College

Manuscript written in ink in script. The paper has six creases with “Susie.” written on what would have been the top fold.