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Niagara Falls Lithographs

In 1850, Susan and Austin Dickinson began courting. They announced their engagement in 1853 and were married on July 1, 1856 at her aunt’s home in Geneva, New York. The couple took their honeymoon at the popular tourist destination of Niagara Falls, bringing back these two framed color lithographs by prolific French artist Isidore Laurent Deroy as souvenirs. 

Print labeled "The Falls of Niagara." Two large waterfalls with plumes of mist. Minuscule people gather near one of the falls

This purchase can be seen as marking the beginning of The Evergreens art collection, which helped turn it into a highly fashionable home.

Print labeled "Horseshoe Fall." People in old fashioned clothes gather before a pool. On the far shore is a wide waterfall