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Small Treasures

Much like others in the family, Gib was an avid letter-writer from a very young age. A number of his letters still survive, which confirm his charming precociousness. One such letter reads,

“Dear Mamma
I don’t want to come down in the rain this noon. Ple[a]se send papas and my dinner up.
Send all you can.”

Inside the desk a number of Gib’s objects were found, including several pencils, a perforated paper with a small American flag embroidered on it, a little wallet, two printed tickets, and an 1882 Indian head penny with a hole and ribbon. Gib’s writing desk serves as a time capsule for a late 19th-century boy’s interests, but the idea of collecting childhood treasures remains timeless.

Gilbert Dickinson to Susan Dickinson, Martha Dickinson Bianchi Collection, Brown University.

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Children’s cardboard writing desk in the shape of a book. A banner with the words “Writing Desk” decorates the lid.