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This tricycle, or “velocipede,” belonged to Gilbert Dickinson, who made active use of it around town. Gib’s obituary in the Amherst Record mentions that, “when he stopped an older person in the street to see him ride his velocipede, it was not because he thought he rode better than the other boys but because of a common interest he supposed people had in each other. . .” Gib and his velocipede were an apparently common and beloved sight in the town of Amherst.

Connie Ann Kirk, “‘To Stay Behind-With Just the Toys’: Gilbert Dickinson’s Living Treasures in The Evergreens,” Emily Dickinson International Society Bulletin 15, no. 2 (November/December 2003):12.

A velocipede (an early tricycle with a large front wheel). It has a red frame, wooden handlebars and pedals, and narrow wheels.