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  Description Price per item
I'm Nobody T-Shirts

"I'm Nobody..." T-Shirt

Front: I'm Nobody!/Who are you?/Are you Nobody -/Too -?
Back: Then There's /a Pair of Us

Available in sizes small through XXL, unisex adult or ladies' scoop neck. Size and color availablity varies--please contact the Museum Shop for more information.

$19.95 for adult sizes; $21 for ladies' tees.

 Emily Dickinson 2011 Notecards

The Big Read: Emily Dickinson Notecards

Set of 5 brightly colored notecards includes: The Poets light but Lamps, Wild nights, Tell all the truth but tell it slant, The Riddle we can guess, and A little Madness in the Spring; with envelopes.  Image originally designed for The Big Read: Emily Dickinson 2011. 

Posters are also available.


 Emily Dickinson 2011 Poster

The Big Read: Emily Dickinson Poster

Your choice of The Poets light but Lamps (yellow background); The Brain is wider than the Sky (blue background); or I Dwell In Possibility (light blue background).  Image originally designed for The Big Read: Emily Dickinson 2011.  11"x17".  

Notecards are also available.

Pols "Early Morning"

"Angles of a Landscape" Poster:  "Early Morning"

Emily Dickinson gazes at the early morning view from her bedroom window.  A painting by Elizabeth Pols, created for "Seeing New Englandly," a DVD in the Angles of a Landscape series.


Look for "Emily Dickinson Museum Angles of a Landscape Poster" on the order form.

Pols "My Business is to Sing"

"Angles of a Landscape" Poster:  "'My Business is to Sing'"

Emily Dickinson plays the piano while captivatd by a robin at the window of the Homestead back parlor.  A painting by Elizabeth Pols, created for "My Business is to Sing," a DVD in the Angles of a Landscape series.


Look for "Emily Dickinson Museum Angles of a Landscape Poster"  on the order form.

Emily Dickinson Museum poster 2007

Emily Dickinson Museum Seasonal Poster "Winter"

The Emily Dickinson Museum's 2007 season poster, created by nationally acclaimed illustrator Penelope Dullaghan. 18"x27". 

Emily Dickinson cookbook

Emily Dickinson: Profile of the Poet as Cook with Selected Recipes
By Guides at the Dickinson Homestead

Both charming and informative, this selection explores the role cooking played in the poet's life. Known as a first-rate baker in her town and time, Emily Dickinson's personal recipes for various cakes, breads, puddings, and even wine are published here for use in the modern kitchen. Perfect for the Dickinson fan--or anyone with a sweet tooth!

Paperback; 28 pages with selected recipes.

Poems by Emily Dickinson

Poems By Emily Dickinson
Selected by Guides at the Emily Dickinson Museum

This slim selection of poems has been organized into themes of "Nature," "Science and Skepticism," "Powers of the Mind," "Love," "Loss and Anguish," "Suffering and Violence," "Death," "Time and Immortality," and "Poetry."

Paperback;44 pages, 67 poems.

The Life of Emily Dickinson

Life of Emily Dickinson
By Richard B. Sewall

Winner of the National Book Award, this detailed account of Emily Dickinson's life was considered a monumental contribution to Dickinson studies when it was first published in 1974.  Chapters about individual family members and friends as well as Dickinson herself provide insight into a life that the poet, as the biographer asserts, made a "delicate business" for posthumous audiences to piece together.  Sewall's work was the first to include details about the affair between Austin Dickinson, the poet's brother, and Mabel Loomis Todd, a posthumous editor of Dickinson's work.

Paperback, 924 pages, (c) 1998 (originally published in two-volume hardcover in 1974).


My Wars are Laid Away in Books

My Wars are Laid Away in Books:  The Life of Emily Dickinson
by Alfred Habegger

The most recent comprehensive biography of Emily Dickinson, Habegger's work sets Dickinson in the context of her times as well as her poetic development.  Named a Library Journal Best Book of the Year.

Paperback; 764 pages, (c) 2001.


The Poems of Emily Dickinson, Reading Edition

The Poems of Emily Dickinson: Reading Edition
Edited by R.W. Franklin

This latest edition of Dickinson’s complete poems, a must-have for any Dickinson lover, was published in 1999 as a reading version of Franklin’s three-volume variorum edition.  That edition, with 1,789 poems, updated the first complete edition of Dickinson’s poems (published in 1955 by Thomas H. Johnson) by including recently discovered verses as well as refining and reordering others. The reading edition contains all 1,789 poems in chronological order and one portable volume.

Paperback; 690 pages, (c) 1999. 

Emily Dickinson Selected Letters

Emily Dickinson Selected Letters
Edited by Thomas H. Johnson

In this edition of Dickinson’s letters, Thomas H. Johnson has used his unmatched familiarity with the poet’s work to select significant and fascinating entries from her extensive correspondence. From a letter she wrote at age eleven to her brother Austin, to her exquisite final note to her beloved cousins written just before her death, these letters provide an unparalleled view into the life and mind of one of America’s most enigmatic literary figures.

Paperback; 364 pages, (c)1986.