A five-panel comic in sharpie and watercolor, with the title "Autumn" over the top. The first panel is of a maple tree with a scarf tied around its trunk, a halo of light behind it, and the text "The Maples wears a gayer scarf,". The second panel shows a red gown, haloed in light, laying on top of a field of grass, with the text "The field a scarlet gown." below. The third panel is a drawing of Emily Dickinson, with the text "Lest I should be old-fashioned," above. The fourth panel is a closer drawing of ED, wearing a crown haloed by light, and the text "I'll put a trinket on." above. The last panel is Emily, in her crown, seated between the field and the maple tree. She is saying "We look gooooood".

Art by Grace Kinser

Art by Grace Kinser

Watercolor and sharpie, Inspired by various Emily Dickinson poems, 2020

Instagram: @grkinser


Featured as part of Emilytober2020 with permission from the artist

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