Our People

Museum Departments

General Recorded Information and Messages
Email: info@emilydickinsonmuseum.org
Phone: 413-542-8161

Tour Center
Email: connect@emilydickinsonmuseum.org

Program Department
Email: edmprograms@emilydickinsonmuseum.org

Media Inquiries

Museum Shop
Phone: 413-542-2947

Museum Administrative Staff

Jane Wald, Jane and Robert Keiter Family Executive Director
Email: jhwald@emilydickinsonmuseum.org
Phone: 413-542-2154

Elizabeth Bradley, Education Programs Manager
Email: ebradley@emilydickinsonmuseum.org
Phone: 413-542-2034

Pippa Comfort, Database Manager and Prospect Researcher
Email: pcomfort@emilydickinsonmuseum.org

Patrick Fecher, Communications Manager
Email: pfecher@emilydickinsonmuseum.org
Phone: 413-542-5087

Hope Garcia, Tour Center Coordinator
Email: hgarcia@emilydickinsonmuseum.org
Phone: 413-542-2947

Nora Maroulis, Senior Director of Development + Communications
Email: nmaroulis@emilydickinsonmuseum.org
Phone: 413-542-5072

Kaitlin McGrath, Collections Assistant
Email: kmcgrath@emilydickinsonmuseum.org

Mardi Pierson-Buell, Development Director
Email: mpiersonbuell@emilydickinsonmuseum.org
Phone: 413-542-5084

Anna Plummer, Program Coordinator 
Email: arplummer@emilydickinsonmuseum.org

Megan Ramsey, Collections Manager

Email: mramsey@emilydickinsonmuseum.org

Sean St. Marie, Administrative Coordinator
Email: sstmarie@emilydickinsonmuseum.org
Phone: 413-542-5311

Brooke Steinhauser, Program Director
Email: bsteinhauser@emilydickinsonmuseum.org
Phone: 413-542-8429

Board of Governors

Polly Longsworth, Honorary Chair

Bill Gorth, Chair

John R. Beeson

Chris Bogan

Elizabeth Briskin

Mark Dickinson

Kate Douglas

Alan George

Nicole Heath

Lara Jordan James

Wendy Kohler

Charles S. Lachman

Amy Longsworth

Leslie A. Morris

Christine Noyer Seaver

Karen Sánchez-Eppler

Anne Harding Woodworth

Laura Yerkovich

Honorary Members

John A. Armstrong

Kent W. Faerber

Kenneth Rosenthal