Virtual Programming

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Postcard face featuring a watercolor painting of various plants and the text "a letter Back to Emily"

“The World Writes Back: Postcards to Emily Dickinson” Online Exhibit

Inspired by the poem “This is my letter to the World / That never wrote to Me –,” this exhibition showcases the powerful, global impact of  Emily Dickinson’s poetry.

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Emily Dickinson Virtual Syllabus

This selection of essays, news articles, media, and digitized primary source material provides a free, open source introduction to Dickinson. Explore her life, poetry, and place from your own home.

Emily Dickinson Spotify Playlists

Listen to contemporary, choral, orchestral, classical, and operatic music inspired by Emily Dickinson's life and verse.

Printable Coloring Sheets

These printable coloring sheets will immerse you in the people and places that populated Emily Dickinson's world.

Poem in Your Pocket Day Activities and Crafts

With the power of her words and the freedom of her imagination, Emily explored the universe. Inspired by Jennifer Berne's On the Wings of Words, these crafts, activities, and read along will inspire young readers to do the same.

Image of a yellow house with primrose in foreground, overlaid with words "Grounds of Memory" and museum logo.

"Grounds of Memory" Landscape Audio Tour

Take this tour exploring Emily Dickinson's fascination with the natural world and her family's deep interest in the land. The tour is narrated by poet laureate Richard Wilbur, and the voice of Emily Dickinson is read by poet Mary Jo Salter.