Group Tour Request

Groups of 6 to 50 people are welcome to tour the Emily Dickinson Museum through specially scheduled Group Tours. Groups from all backgrounds and interests enjoy our guided tours each year. A Museum staff member will work with you to create a memorable visit for your group of friends or colleagues, or your next book club outing. Groups may choose from our full menu of tours to explore Emily Dickinson’s poetry, place, and lasting legacy. 

Group Tour Booking Process

  • To request a Group Tour, please fill out the form below. Reservations should be made at least two weeks in advance. For groups larger than 15, we ask for at least one month’s notice. Reservations are not scheduled until confirmed by a staff member.
  • The Program Coordinator will be in touch within 2 business days and will work with you to find a date and time for your visit.
  • You will receive a Group Tour Policy Agreement and Tour Invoice. The signed Agreement and non-refundable tour deposit will be due back in two weeks. 
  • Your reservation will be confirmed and you will receive information on what to expect for your visit to the Emily Dickinson Museum.
(If different than trip coordinator)
If uncertain, please provide your best estimate.
Trip leader and any aides are free of charge.
Please let us know the preferred date for your visit. Groups of 30 or more are scheduled on Mondays and Tuesdays September-May and on Tuesdays June-August. 90-minute programs are also scheduled during these times.
Additional times can be added in Notes.
Please let us know about your group so that we can plan the best experience for you. You can also use this space to list any accessibility needs or additional requirements for the booking.