Postcard face featuring a painting of a cottage by a lake

I have to slow down and experience it

Postcard verso, page left:

I usually don’t pay attention 
to poems all that much, but 
Emily Dickinson’s poems kind
of struck a chord with me.                                                       
The meanings behind each one 
where perfectly simple and it
wasn’t entirely convoluted and
difficult to decipher the
meaning. I particularly liked the
poems that were about how to
live your life, as this drawing
was inspired by her poem
regarding to “let the outdoors be
your church.” That poem resonated
with me and got me to think
that in order to live every
day in the life fully as the poem says,

Postcard verso, page right:

I have to slow down
and experience

it bit by bit.

-Jonathan Han
Sacred Heart

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