Postcard of Emily Dickinson inspired watercolor painting


Postcard verso:

Here’s an original watercolor I made
inspired by Emily Dickinson. Lately my
favorite poem of hers is this:
            ~ a SERVICE OF SONG ~
Some keep the Sabbath going to church;
I keep it staying at home,
With a bobolink for a chorister,
And an orchard for a dome.

Some keep the Sabbath in surplice;
I just wear my wings,
And instead of tolling the bell for church,
Our little sexton sings.

God preaches, – a noted clergyman, –
And the sermon is never long;
So instead of getting to heaven at last
I’m going all along!
It reminds of a childhood favorite author of
mine, Ethel Cook Eliot, also from Western
Massachusetts who wrote about spirituality
in nature (in fairy-tales for kids.)


Postcard featuring collage, map of Memphis

A Letter From Memphis

Postcard verso:

Dear Emily, I am the World .. writing
back to you. We are one .. I’m glad you
got to see .. the beauty in simplicity.
Nature gifted you with faith .. you are the
Majesty. Committment is a Message.
Gods hands have held you dearly …
as you hugged yourself .. you are her.
You are the Love. Judgement does 
not define your heart. Countrymen see
you in the sky: you are the news that
nature told. Simply healing your spirit,

              <3 Jessica Gershon

Color postcard from Finland


Postcard verso, page left:

Dear Emily —
Due to a postal strike here in
Finland, I’ve not been able to
send this, so it’s probably going
to be late … but thank you —
kiitos! for your beautiful words
and inspiration, which continue
to bring joy and comfort to
me and many others around
the world. 
                    With admiration,
                    Luida Jainsén (first name? last name?)

Postcard verso, page right:



Color postcard of Alba, Italy

from Italia

Postcard verso:

                                 Nov. 19, 2019

Thank you Emily for keeping us good
company from the eternity…
I visited the Museum in 2015 and I
loved it and Amherst, too —
     Impossibility, like Wine
     Exhilarates the Man
     Who tastes it; Possibility
     Is flavorless — Combine
     A Chance’s faintest tincture
     And in the former Dram
     Enchantment makes ingredient
     As certainly as Doom.
Ciao !!! from Italia and the land of
                        vineyards and wines.
                        Francesca Toppino (last name?)


Postcard from Tarquinia

Ashore at last!

Postcard verso, page left:

Nov. 6 2019

Dear Emily —
     When I visited 
the Etruscan Tombs
last year, I gazed at
the 2500+ years old
cemeteries and thought of
your words:
        “Land, ho! Eternity!
         Ashore at last!”
             With love —
         Terri Elders

Postcard verso, page right:

#Postcards To Emily

Postcard of ferris wheel and eiffle tower

a chin of gold

Postcard verso:

We are a godson & godmother
Team. Rai is 11 years old
and discovered Emily work
when his mom home schooled
him. He loves the poem
“the moon is but a chin
of gold. I became enamored 
with Emily in the 4th grade.
We are wishing Emily a very
Happy Birthday!
     Rai-ben & Susane Pedo (first name? last name?)

Color postcard of countryside and Irish thank you

kindred spirit

Postcard verso:


Here sits a kindred spirit,
100 years away,
3000 miles between our worlds
And yet by Destiny —
I found your words, Compassion breathes —
New life into this soul
Now as you rest with Angels
Your Little Birds still sing!





Color postcard of Wroclaw landmarks

The morning dew and The wild grass

Postcard verso:

The morning dew
The wild grass

You are the romantic morning dew
and I am the wild grass
every morning I wake up with a
crown on my head
a beautiful crystal drop!
You risk your life to be with me
because we both know —
the sun will kill you…
∼ NI made Rimawati – Stach (last name?)

Emily, you inspired me to be a poet <3

Postcard of New York skyline at sunset


Postcard verso:

I was named after E.D.,
attended the same college she
did, and have also found
comfort in words. She has
always been a constant in
my life. Affectionately, Emily I.
The bittersweet memories return
after a long winter’s nap.
Nostalgia’s hibernation
has come to a close.
The buddings of Forget-Me-Nots
Heartache yawns as it pulls
itself out of its warm, lonely home
carved out of footprints.
                  And the familiar feeling
                  of the familiar leaves the
                  air stale with the grip of déjà vu.      -E.I.

Postcard of oil on canvas depicting seaside, William Merritt Chase

the reason I love to write

Postcard verso:

I was captivated by Emily
Dickinson’s incredible, boiling passion
which spun her poems,
and consumed her life.
I hope to become a published
writer and Dickinson’s passion
inspires me to never lose
sight of the reason I love
to write.