a postcard of hand-made paper with pressed flower petals.

“…some summer irises + lilies for you – “

November 28, 2019

dearest emily –
here are some summer irises + lilies for you –
in appreciation for your 
poems, your attentiveness
to the natural world, your
recognition of the world
both near + far.
Happy Birthday.
with appreciation +
admiration –

Brece Honeycutt.

black and white photo of incarcerated women playing cards.

“…Dickinson was in the collection…”

Hello from Boise, ID!
I’m a historian working 
at a prison museum. We
have the prison library
catalog and know that
Dickinson was in the 
collection, inspiring thousands
of inmates. Just like how
she inspires me, even today.



This is a hand-written poem on the front of a postcard.

“Immortality conceived in that moment.”

Postcard Front:

A young girl
reads words
that awaken her spirit
shake her soul
and rattle her mind.
Words that echo through 
the canyon of years
as bright and brittle
as the day they were
scribbled on some scrap.
Immortality conceived
in that moment.
Happy birthday



Postcard Verso:

Thank you Emily –
for being a
constant luminous
presence in my life,
one of my north stars.




This is a postcard with a color photograph of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

“And now – Forever -“

December the 10th, 2019,

Dear Emily,
You make Words – dancing –
Like flying Birds –
Life and Death – playing –
Like they knew each other –
You spent Time with them –
In your Garden –
From Birth ’til Death –
And now – Forever –

Thassadite DiRAMi, from France to Amherst