Postcard face featuring a watercolor painting of a frog and the text "How dreary, to be SOMEBODY How Public like a FROG"

not for fame, but for you and your friends and family

Postcard verso:

Dear Emily,
I admire you for
writing your poems not
for fame, but for you and
your friends and family.
Your beautiful poems show
how amazing and down to
earth you were. I love this
Poem specifically since we
are able to learn more
about why you only published
ten poems in your lifetime.

Clementine Devaux

Postcard face featuring a collage of images of birds over text

I loved your poem about a bird

Postcard verso:

Dear Emily,
I loved your poem 
about a bird. It made
me see nature in a
different light, and
notice things as small as
a bird eating a worm
raw. I love the idea of
birds and butterflies
swimming through the air
as they fly. Your writing
inspires me to notice the
outdoors and enjoy its

From, Evelyn Smith

Postcard face featuring a painting of a crow and the words "YOU ARE DEEPLY LOVED"

Is it time for my poem?

Postcard verso:

Dear Emily,
Last week I had a
dream where I asked, “Is it
time for my poem?” then
stepped in front of an audience
+ recited “Because I Could Not
Stop for Death.” I haven’t read
that poem since I was in high
school (I’m 33 now) + I can’t believe
I was able to recite it from memory – 
in my sleep! I think this speaks
to the enduring Power of your
poetry. Happy birthday!

Postcard face featuring a handwritten inscription in black ink and several stickers featuring cardinals

warm and wild and mighty

Postcard face:

In 2020, we celebrate the
inspiration of immigrants.
This note is in
honor of
Maggie Maher
“warm and wild and mighty”

Postcard face featuring a painting of palm trees and a ferris wheel in front of mountains, painted in watercolor with pen detail

Citrus Town

Postcard verso:

Citrus Town
Life in this town doesn’t make a
sound, As quiet as a mouse this makes
this town. Not a single argument in sight.
In this citrus Filled town – Not a peep
not even a squeak in this citrus filled
town. As the sun breaks through the clouds.
The Sun grows bright in this citrus town.
As the sun grows you do too in the
citrus filled town. As the Sun sets
and the moon grows you will never forget
this citrus town that you Know.

Bryan Medina

Postcard face featuring a pencil and marker drawing of a lit candle in front of a window, through which a crescent moon can be seen

Along the open grass

Postcard verso:

Along the open grass
with two eyes I see
Everything I want,
Everything I could be.
The smog flies in the
air, clouding the
breeze. The open grass
is dying but it’s waiting
on me. The trees blow
and whistle, in the winter
breeze. I wish it did
something, to calm all
my anxieties. on the needle’s
edge, is how the grass makes me
feel. The sun’s bright light is the
only thing that’s real. The
always tell me, it’s your divine
plan. Yet I can’t remove myself
from his hands. Along the open grass,
with 2 eyes I see, Everything I
want, everything I can’t be.

Postcard face on which an image of several trees has been painted in watercolor

as I step into the woods

Postcard verso:

“as I step in the woods”
The trees line up to greet me
The green leaves form a comforting blanket
The smell of pine at the tip of my nose
The rocky ground holds me
the wind blows a kiss
all is well,
I am at peace

– Hannah Zanghi

Color photograph of synagogue ceiling

“We are the grandchildren + great grandchildren of Shoah survivors…”

Postcard Verso:

Hope is the thing with feathers…

We are the grandchildren + great
grandchildren of Shoah survivors &
we are afraid. In these times
when we fear for our safety, it’s a
great comfort to reflect on Ms.
Emily’s hopeful poetry.

Miss Emily, thank you for giving us the
tune without the words.

-Hyphen (?)

Watercolor and mixed media postcard depicting a surreal landscape

Postcard verso:

I can hardly be called
an apprentice
Your work is vast and 
numerous Mine is thrown
carelessly into the wind
Disappeared like fine smoke
The pen to paper is the
first step—or is it the
thought itself. They
must be together or else
They cannot sustain
Yet you live on
Happy Birthday Emily
<3 Debbie M.

[High School student in Washington]