Handmade postcard made with colored ink and stamps

Postcard front:

[Labels of stamped images and hand drawn illustrations]
The Butterfly and the Bee
Bird flew away
Noisy, like a frog
Ocean all Around
Leopard Sun

Postcard verso:

I love
They give
me alot
to think about!

Handmade postcard with original inscription in black ink and pasted image of Emily Dickinson and Carlo

Postcard front:

Emily invigorates
My soul with gorgeous poems.
Her slant rhymes and her hymnal verse
Sing out to the whole world.

In dreams we wander down the path
Just wide enough for two.
We converse with our friends, the hills, 
And I’m nobody too.

In life she comes alive through words
I revisit each day;
Her remarks full of clever wit
Still create joy today.

To Emily I am in debt 
For poems, which changed my life,
For causing in me a desire,
Like her, to read and write.

Postcard verso:

Dear Emily

Your poems speak volumes and
bring such joy to the world that
never wrote to you. Due to your
verse, I have found solace in sorows,
celebrated joys, and attended
Mount Holyoke College. Thank you
for the legacy you left behind in 
letters and poems; you’ll never 
understand the tremendous 
impact they’ve had.

Handmade postcard with collage of images from Skagit Co, WA

Postcard verso:

My first Real brush
With Emily
Came when presenting
A display – on Poetry

Her visage ~ Plain
As were her words
In the poems posted ~
on the Bulletin Boards

Then explored further ~
Deeper her meanings
Not always understood
But – always – worth reading

By Danita S.

Handmade postcard depicting original print of Dickinson's face

Postcard front:
Let me not mar that perfect dream
By an auroral stain But so adjust my
daily night That it will come again.

35/35  DREAMER  J. Hamilton

Postcard verso:
Jim Hamilton
Marshfield, MA

Black and white postcard depicting a photograph of the Dickinson Homestead

Postcard verso:

Did you ever imagine all of this,
even for a second? Happy

a handmade postcard depicting Dickinson, lost in thought, with a wren perched on her shoulder

Postcard verso: 

Dear Ms. Em, 

I’ll confess that when I 1st met you, 
I didn’t like you. Death, flies,
symbolism, spinsterhood…oh how my
high school teachers exalted in the 
bleak, the desolate, the alone. But
then one day…30 or 40 years later—
I came upon one of your poems
and found such joy, music,
life. And love. Over and over
again. An the breadth and depth
of you. Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you. Jennifer

postcard with a paper collage of flower books and words on lace fragments

“I reckon – when I count at all – “

Postcard front:

I reckon – when I count at all –
First – Poets – Then the Sun –
Then Summer – Then the Heaven of God –
And then – the List is done –

But, looking back – the First so seems –
To Comprehend the whole –
The others look a needless show –
So I write – Poets – All – 

Black and white postcard depicting a photograph of Eudora Welty sitting outside by a sprinkler and a garden

“Among Welty’s 5,000 books…”

Postcard verso:

The Eudora Welty House and Garden
1109 Pinehurst Street
Jackson, MS 39202

Happy Birthday, Emily Dickinson!
Eudora Welty was a Pulitzer Prize –
winning author and an avid letter 
writer and reader. Her correspondence is
house at the Mississippi Department
of Archives and History and her house
and garden are now open to the public, much
like Dickinson’s Homestead. Among Welty’s
5,000 books are a collection of Emily 
Dickinson’s poems and a selection of her letters.
From one literary museum to another,
happy 189th, Emily!


The Eudora Welty House & Garden,
Jackson, MS

-Rachel  Lauren  Kasey  Demia

color postcard with an artist's rendering of Moscow, Russia.

“Born in Moscow, moved to Massachusetts.”

Postcard Verso:

Dear Emily,
Born in Moscow,
moved to Massachusetts.
Found love and peace (in your books) long before
my new home in Ware.
thank you for the inspiration!
PS find enclosed my photos.

Enclosed photograph:

If it had no pencil,
Would it try mine –
Worn – now – and dull – sweet,
Writing much to thee.
If it had no word – 
Would it make the Daisy,
Most as big as I was,
When it plucked me?


Black and white postcard depicting the statue of liberty and the words 'NEW YORK CITY'

“…my letter to the one…”

This is my letter to the one
Who wrote all her life to Me –
The deepest corners of my heart –
She sounded utterly
To tell Her, there is nothing
Her Message transcends time
For love of Her – Sweet – poetess
I wrote this little rhyme