Postcard with handwritten excerpt of a poem

she filled her room with poems

Postcard front:

I know a thing or two about Emily
the poet who hand-bound botany books
in her free time.
Someone once told me
she filled her room with poems
including piling them under the floor boards.
I see the drawer I have filled
and wonder
If I need her solitude
to write as much as she.

She is the lover
to many poets like me
I could not tell you what makes our affair
any different.
But I could tell you I called her
my only teacher,
refused to read verses by any other,
kept a list of all the ways
I could be just like her.

-Georganna Poindexter
“A letter to Emily” excerpt

Postcard verso:

Dearest Emily,

     Happy birthday!
Thank you for all you
brought to the world
and for inspiring more
than you would ever
imagine –

     Love from
              Westchester, NY!

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