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Child learning about Emily Dickinson

Teaching Emily Dickinson is a satisfying but daunting experience. Emily Dickinson’s concise and original verse often seems impenetrable to first-time readers. How can an educator effectively help students to navigate their way into Dickinson’s words and world?

Become familiar with Dickinson’s life and her world. Visit the “Emily Dickinson” section of this website for biographical information, details about her poetry, essays on special topics like cooking and gardening, and biographies of her family and friends. Dickinson’s dog, Carlo, even has his own page! (see “Emily Dickinson in Depth.”)

Peruse this section of the website for suggested approaches to teaching Dickinson as well as ideas for classroom projects and activities. Comments from teachers about recent experience with Dickinson in the classroom will provide more ideas and encouragement!

Help others learn from your experience! Send lesson ideas, student responses, or pedagogical revelations to bsteinhauser[at] for possible inclusion on the website.