Group Tour Policies

Food and drink with the exception of water are not allowed in the historic rooms.  Backpacks or large bags will need to be checked in the Tour Center. You may wish to leave these items in your vehicle.

Please note that the Tour Center only has one bathroom, which is a single-stall accessible restroom. We advise that you plan to use a rest-stop prior to your visit.

Please plan for your scheduled arrival and check-in at our Tour Center, located at the back of the Homestead. Please designate someone to share a guest count and pay your remaining balance in full at the register upon arrival.

Deposits are due one week following the invoice date and are non-refundable. Payment can be made via phone (413) 542-5073 or check, mailed to the Emily Dickinson Museum c/o Programs Department, 20 Triangle St, Amherst MA 01002.

Your reservation is not confirmed until we have received your tour deposit. The remaining balance for your tour is due upon arrival to the Museum.

Upon requesting your visit, we ask you to provide an estimate of your group size. Your final numbers are due 3 weeks in advance of the tour. If your group size changes after we have received your final number, please notify us 48 hours in advance of the change. After 48 hours, we reserve the right to charge full admission for any “no shows” on the day of the tour. Please note, the Museum may not be able to accommodate increases in group size.

If your party is split into more than one group, we recommend splitting them in advance of their arrival.

Arrival by Car: Metered parking is available on Main Street, as well as in the Amherst Center Parking Garage. On site parking is limited to two spaces for vehicles with an accessible parking tag only.

Arrival by bus: The Museum driveway is a steep grade which prevents most buses from driving in. Buses should pull alongside the sidewalk on Main Street in front of the Museum on the metered side to unload passengers safely. A town ordinance prohibits buses from idling longer than five minutes. Bus parking is available in Amherst College’s East Parking lot.

Your group will be given an arrival and departure time to ensure an organized visit. If your group experiences delays, please call the Tour Center (413) 542-2947 to notify our staff. We reserve the right to shorten your tour to conclude at the scheduled time.

If for any reason you need to cancel your visit, please notify the Museum 48 hours in advance of the tour by emailing

At the Emily Dickinson Museum, the health and safety of our staff and visitors is our top priority. We are dedicated to providing a welcoming experience for everyone. The Museum does not tolerate discrimination or any form of unlawful harassment. By purchasing tickets and visiting the Emily Dickinson Museum, you are agreeing on behalf of your group to comply with the requirements for visitor conduct. Group leaders are responsible for communicating these expectations with all visiting group members.

The Emily Dickinson Museum welcomes all visitors. For accessibility information, please see Accessibility. Care partners of visitors with disabilities are admitted free of charge. Please share any known needs in advance with our group tour coordinator so that we can plan the best experience for your group.

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