Color postcard/chocolate wrapper

Of course I received your Letter

Postcard (chocolate wrapper) verso:

Dear Emily,
Of course I received your Letter —
It Outright changed my Life,
And now I cannot imagine —
A Day without your Song.
I’ve been to your Homestead to find (see) you —
In Spring, Summer, and Fall —
Each Sojourn — you were missing!
But I sensed you in the Hall,
Spring in your Garden — a robin —
Welcomed me in Red Cravat —
He seemed to expect a token —
I was prepared for that!
In Summer there was a blatant flood —
with water everywhere,
But the ground smelled of heliotrope —
And it was Eden there.
When I visited in Autumn —
Amherst glowed on fire —
It was just so damn lovely
I felt the need to Die.
I would love to come in Winter —
on a Velvet December day —
to properly Recognize you —
And ‘Happy Birthday’ say.

                                                Your Very Aff,
                                                       M. Owens

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