Twice As Bold

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The Emily Dickinson Museum has embarked on a new chapter of exploration and planning focused on its evolving role as a site of unparalleled cultural significance and educational promise emanating from its mission to spark the imagination by amplifying Emily Dickinson’s revolutionary poetic voice from the place she called home.

To fully realize and sustain this mission, the Museum is growing and changing in ways that will empower it to serve as the premier center for study, interpretation, creative expression, and celebration of Emily Dickinson’s life and legacy

After more than a year of research and analysis, as well as discovery flowing from the poet’s worldwide resonance and the Museum’s tremendous growth in audience during the pandemic, a clear path forward emerged in the form of a Long Range Plan grounded in the following guiding principles:

  • SPARK THE IMAGINATION | Inspire new generations of poets, writers, artists, and thinkers to dive deeply into the life of the mind, the power of creativity, and the world around us as Emily Dickinson did, thus bringing her sense of possibility to life in perpetuity.  
  • AMPLIFY EMILY DICKINSON’S REVOLUTIONARY POETIC VOICE | Connect the programs and resources of the Emily Dickinson Museum with scholars, students, and enthusiasts both around the corner and across the globe. 
  • FROM THE PLACE SHE CALLED HOME | Preserve and care for the material legacy of the Dickinson family—buildings, grounds, gardens, collections—to enliven and enhance the experience offered to the public and create an environment that accurately reflects the poet in her times.

This plan boldly prioritizes an expanded, fully restored, and accessible campus, leading-edge educational programs and resources, a singular visitor experience both onsite and online, and increased operational capacity for long-term sustainability. 

The journey has begun with the effort to raise the first $3.5M-of a total five-year goal of $8M- by the end of the Museum’s 20th Anniversary celebration in the summer of 2024. We are grateful to John and Elizabeth Armstrong for leading the way in this effort with their challenge gift of $600,000. 

Join us. Be a part of the Emily Dickinson Museum’s journey by supporting its next steps, celebrating its 20th Anniversary, and securing its bright future. Contact Nora Maroulis at 413-542-5072 or

I took my Power in my Hand –
And went against the World –
’Twas not so much as David – had –
But I – was twice as bold –
(excerpt from F660)


Long Range Plan Priorities

  • Build and sustain operational capacity for long-term sustainability
  • Create an expanded, restored, and accessible campus
  • Develop and deliver leading-edge public and educational programs and resources   
  • Design and provide a singular visitor experience both onsite and online                                                                                                                                                         

Five-Year Funding Needs and Opportunities 

Opportunities abound for donors at all levels to positively impact and help shape the Museum’s bright future. Priority projects and programs in need of investment and support over the next five years are framed by the Museum’s essential mission. Gifts or bequests of unrestricted endowment are most welcome, as they provide critical support to each and all of these areas. 


Audience Engagement and Communication $650K
Two children explore Dickinson's bedroomDigital Capacity and Resource Development ($200K)
Virtual Program Hosting and Conferencing Upgrades ($100K)
Website Accessibility and User-Experience Updates ($50K)
New CRM (Constituent Relationship Management) System ($150K)
Graphic Identity / Branding Updates ($150K)

Teaching and Learning (K-12, College/University, Lifelong) $1.25M
Resource Development (curricula, teacher training modules, etc.) ($550K)
Undergraduate Internships and Graduate Fellowships ($275K)
Honoraria for Visiting and Teaching Artists, Writers, Scholars ($190K)
Scholarships for Visiting K-12 Schools and Teacher Training ($95K)
Poets and Writers Workshops and Classes (FY23+) ($140K)


Interpretation and Visitor Experience $800K

image of Youtube pageThematic Tour Development ($330K)
Self-Guided Map and Interactive Guide ($85K)
Orientation Film ($300K)
Wayfinding ($85K)

Public Programs and Events $1.8M
Poetry Programs $540K

Poetry Festival and Marathon  ($315K)
Phosphorescence Contemporary Poetry Series ($135K)
Poetry Discussion Groups ($90K)

Collections, Restoration, Landscape, and History Programs $270K
Dickinson Book Club Series ($90K)
Buildings, Grounds and Collections Presentations ($90K)
Behind the Scenes Collections / Restoration Series ($90K)

Community-Building Events $450K
Birthday Celebration ($30K)
Poetry Walk ($25K)
Reopening Events and Launch of Dickinson Days ($150K)
Tell It Slant Awards / 20th Anniversary Gala ($245K)

Visual and Performing Art Programs $540K
Dickinson in Performance Series ($135K)
Conservatory and Landscape Installations ($270K)
Dickinson in the World Podcast ($135K)

FROM THE PLACE SHE CALLED HOME                         $3.5M

Completion of Homestead Restoration $1.0MRendering of the Dickinson barn
Design Development ($150K)
Construction / Restoration ($700K)
Decorative Arts and Object Conservation ($150K)

Rebuild Evergreens Carriage House $600K
Design Development ($100K)
Construction ($400K)
Furnishings and Fittings ($100K)

Conserve and Restore The Evergreens $1.0M
Interior Conditions Assessment ($50K)
Treatment Plan Development ($100K)
Conservation and Restoration ($700K)
Decorative Arts and Object Conservation ($150K)

Restore Landscape and Dickinson Gardens $400K
Homestead Gardens restoration ($200K)
Evergreens Gardens restoration ($75K)
Other Landscape restoration ($125K)

Collections Stewardship $500K
Collections Rehousing ($400K)
Conservation ($100K)

Figures are for annual cost over 5 years. Endowment gifts intended to name and/or directly support a specific project or program must cover 60% of associated costs. 

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