Burleigh Muten reading from her book at an Emily Dickinson museum event

Writing with Miss Emily: A Summer Workshop for Young Authors, July 8-July 12, 2019

Monday to Friday, from 9:30AM – 12:30PM 

In this workshop for ages 9 – 12, led by children’s author and Emily Dickinson Museum tour guide Burleigh Muten, participants will experience Emily Dickinson’s world from a writer’s point of view. 

The workshop meets daily at Amherst’s Jones Library, and spends the day on Tuesday touring and writing at the Emily Dickinson Museum. At the end of the week families and friends are welcome to a reading at the Jones by the workshop writers.

This workshop is co-sponsored by the Emily Dickinson Museum and the Jones Library. To register, visit the Children’s Room in the Jones Library, or e-mail the facilitator directly at burleighmuten[at]gmail.com.


Burleigh Muten reading from her book at an Emily Dickinson museum event

I’ve always loved words. I began collecting words as a child: night words, flight words, colors, textures, water words, even contractions. My favorite place was the school library, where I read everything on Greek mythology. My favorite book was (and still is) the dictionary.

I  write about topics I want  other people to know about. When I found out  that Emily Dickinson had a playful relationship with the  children in her life, I wrote a middle grade verse novel about her inviting them to meet her at midnight to watch the circus train arrive in town. When I discovered that there was a time on Earth when women and girls were considered sacred, I wrote a book about goddesses from many cultures  so girls would know about the powers that have been attributed to female deities from prehistoric times till now. 

I live in the woods of western Massachusetts where hawks soar and owls glide and the sunlight dapples the forest floor. I’m still fascinated by Greek mythology. My latest projects have taught me even more about Greek goddesses, Emily Dickinson, and African elephants. When I’m not writing, I lead writing workshops for children and adults and edit the work of other authors. I’m also a tour guide at  the Emily Dickinson Museum.

Visit Burleigh’s website: https://www.burleighmuten.com

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