Past Events

graphic for Open House at Dickinson Museum. Emily Dickinson stands in front of large numbers 192 with balloons and a birthday hat

Emily Dickinson Birthday Open House
Sat., December 10, 1-4pm ET

Happy 192nd birthday, Emily Dickinson! For the first time in 3 years, we'll be celebrating Dickinson's birthday from the place she called home (the Homestead). Join us for free tours, activities, music, and treats!...
Graphic for opera Emily & Sue

Emily and Sue
Wed., November 30, 5:30pm ET

Composer Dana Kaufman screens Emily and Sue, a pop opera...
a view of different items in the Emily Dickinson Museum's collections

Emily Dickinson Virtual Birthday Celebration
Wed., December 7, 6pm ET

Happy 192nd birthday, Emily Dickinson! Join us for a behind-the-scenes exploration of the Emily Dickinson Museum's collections, which contains more than 12,000 artifacts...
Phosphorescence graphics for October 2022

Phosphorescence Poetry Reading Series
Thursday, October 27, 6pm ET

Phosphorescence October 2022 featuring poets:
.chisaraokwu. and Shin Yu Pai...
Folger Shakespeare Library Logo

Folger Shakespeare Library Birthday Tribute
Mon., December 12, 7:30pm ET

Virtual reading with a moderated conversation to follow from The Evergreens...
Phosphorescence graphic for April 2022 featuring headshots of poets

Phosphorescence Poetry Reading Series
Thursday, April 28, 6pm ET

Phosphorescence April 2022 featured poets:
Saida Agostini, Shauna M. Morgan and Tara Betts ...

The Tell It Slant Poetry Festival 2022 Schedule

The annual Tell It Slant Poetry Festival is an event with international reach that celebrates Emily Dickinson’s poetic legacy and the contemporary creativity she and her work continues to inspire from the place she called home...
close-up of Dickinson's piano

The Musical Life of an American Poet
Friday, August 19, 6pm ET

An illustrated talk with live musical accompaniment, George Boziwick explores the various composers, music sellers, and publishers behind the music...
graphic for Phos June 2022 featuring poet headshots

Phosphorescence Poetry Reading Series
Thursday, June 30, 6pm ET

Phosphorescence June 2022 featured poets:
Anna Talhami and Stacy Szymaszek...
Phosphorescence graphics for December 2022

Phosphorescence Poetry Reading Series
Thursday, December 15, 6pm ET

Phosphorescence December 2022 featured poets:
Eleanor Hooker and Cori A. Winrock...
Marta Macdowell and a volunteer work in Dickinson's garden

Garden Days 2022
Saturday and Sunday
June 11 and 12

Join master gardener Marta McDowell and a group of fellow volunteers to aid in the cultivation and growth of the historic Dickinson family landscape...
Circular image of the Earth with Emily's handwriting overlaid atop

Emily Dickinson International Society
Annual Meeting
July 21-23, 2023

IN-PERSON PROGRAM - the Emily Dickinson International Society (EDIS) returns to Amherst!...

Annual Poetry Walk 2022
Saturday, May 14, 11:30am ET

In honor of the 136th anniversary of the poet’s death, join the Emily Dickinson Museum for an engaging virtual poetry reading and "walk" through Amherst, the town she called “paradise” ...
A pen and inkwell sits on Dickinson's writing desk with light cascading through her curtains

Call for Submissions:
Phosphorescence and
Tell It Slant 2024

We are now accepting proposals for Phosphorescence Poetry Reading Series and the 12th Annual Tell It Slant Poetry Festival...
The cast of Apple TV's Dickinson in the parlor wearing Shakespearean costumes and florals

Dickinson’s 191st Birthday Celebration
Friday, December 10, 12pm ET

You are cordially invited to the Emily Dickinson Museum’s virtual celebration of the poet’s 191st birthday...