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The Emily Dickinson Museum

The Emily Dickinson Museum includes The Homestead, where poet Emily Dickinson was born and lived most of her life, and The Evergreens, home of the poet’s brother and his family. The two houses share three acres of the original Dickinson property in the center of Amherst, Massachusetts.

Visit Us!

This fall, the Emily Dickinson Museum is open Wednesday through Sunday, 11 am to 4 pm (closed Mondays and Tuesdays). The Museum will be closed on Wednesday, November 26; Thursday, November 27; Wednesday, December 24; and Thursday, December 25.  Our last day of the season is Sunday, December 28. Note that due to the poetry marathon (see below) there will be slight modifications to our tour schedule on September 20 & 21) Details>>

Emily Dickinson Poetry Marathon and Amherst Poetry Festival set for September 19-21

The annual Emily Dickinson Poetry Marathon will join with the Amherst Poetry Festival September 19-21 to bring a weekend of poetry to downtown Amherst. The marathon kicks off in the Homestead parlor on Friday, September 19, from 5 to 8 pm, and runs through afternoon on Sunday, September 21. Amherst Poetry Festival events will be held Saturday at the Emily Dickinson Museum, Sweetser Park and throughout downtown Amherst, while on Sunday, a "Poetry Picnic" will take place on the Homestead lawn. Note that due to the poetry marathon, there will be slight modifications to our tour schedule on September 20 & 21) Details>>

"Before You Became Improbable," a theatrical experience created by John Bechtold, premieres September 25-27

Join us at the Emily Dickinson Museum for an evening of theater--an immersive journey inspired by Emily Dickinson’s poetry and letters to T.W. Higginson--perhaps unlike any you’ve experienced before.  Equipped only with a pair of headphones, you will embark on an experience in which Amherst past and present will blur together--with the poetry and prose of Emily Dickinson to guide you. Details»

New York Times highlights Dickinson bedroom restoration

New York Times antiques columnist Eve M. Kahn explored the ongoing restoration of Emily Dickinson's bedroom in "Where A Poet's Feet Trod," the second item in her column.

Digital Dickinson

Emily Dickinson's manuscripts--housed in several academic repositories--are available for viewing on-line!  Check out the Digital and Electronic Research Resources on the Museum's "Resources and Bibliography" page for the latest links! Our Ten Year Anniversary Report is also available, highlighting the Museum's history, programs, exhibitions, restoration work, and near-term plans.

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Poem of the Week

A soft Sea washed around the House
A Sea of Summer Air
And rose and fell the magic Planks
That sailed without a care -
For Captain was the Butterfly
For Helmsman was the Bee
And an entire universe
For the delighted Crew -

Fr 1199 Reprinted by permission.

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